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Welcome in our workshop

We are Veronika and Peter, the founder, dreamer, creator of VPdrums handcrafted musical instrument workshop, which is a small family crafts company. Our work is our passion. We know everybody and everything are connected. The rhythm show this connection in a very understandable way, used for thousands of years now as a tool for social gatherings , ritual events, healings. The Music is a universal language. And with this language you can reach everybody, and touch in the deepest level of our existence . Every instrument made from carefully selected materials to create unique, high quality, hearth full products. We have more than 8 years experience in drum making. During this time we created hundreds of drums, sent to 5 continents, all over the world. The drums represent our love, harmony, happiness and freedom.
Have a good vibes to you.
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Our philosophy

We love and respect nature, and all being of the creation. To protect, save, take care and love the nature, the animals and mother earth is very important for us. We believe, that Mother Earth is a living being, and we should be more conscious to save it for the next generation. 

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Dear friend,
Please be welcome in our web-shop. You can find your drums, rattles, ocean drums, cases, bags, and also supply in the shop. It is worthwhile to visit often, because you can catch limited offers, discounts, new arrivals.

Visit the web-shop
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Custom made

Just as you dreamed
There is a possibility to plan your own drum and we are going to make your vision come true. You can decide about all details; size, style, color, paint. The price will depends on the complexity of the work. For your personalized price please get in contact with us.

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