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Welcome to our workshop

We are Veronika and Peter, the founders, dreamers, and creators of VPdrums handcrafted musical instrument workshop. We are a small family crafts company and our work is our passion. We know everybody and everything is connected. Rhythm shows this connection in a very understandable way and has been used for thousands of years as a tool for social gatherings, ritual events, and healings. Music is a universal language and with this language, you can reach and touch everybody in the deepest level of our existence. Every instrument is made from carefully selected materials to create unique, high quality, and hearth full products. We have more than 10 years of experience in drum making and now, more than a thousand happy drum owners drumming all over the world. The drums represent our love, harmony, happiness, and freedom.
Tune in to the rhythm of your heart.
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Dear friend,

These times affect all of us, as a person or family, emotionally and physically also.

We sincerely wish you stay safe and healthy.

VPdrums workshop is located in a small village at the foot of a mountain, and we are safer than some of our friends in the crowded city. Our small family company also had to make changes according to global situations.

- our products (drums, shakers, necklaces, bags..etc) go through very serious antiviral, bacterial, treatments before we pack and make ready to ship to you.

We use 30min UV-C light treatment and after it, 30min OZON treatment on everything that goes into a package. That ensures your safety when you get your order.

Please be aware, the surface of the package is touched by many delivery workers, so use gloves when opening it, and throw it after.

Due to existing obstacles in international mail traffic, a delay may also be observed on the routes that are still operational, which may also affect the delivery times of mail items.

You find the actual list of countries that we can ship (HERE).

Thank You for your trust, and be safe!
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Our philosophy

We love and respect nature, and all being of the creation. To protect, save, take care and love the nature, the animals and mother earth is very important for us. We believe, that Mother Earth is a living being, and we should be more conscious to save it for the next generation. 

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Dear friend,
Please be welcome in our web-shop. You can find your drums, rattles, ocean drums, cases, bags, and also supply in the shop. It is worthwhile to visit often because you can catch limited offers, discounts, new arrivals.

Visit the web-shop
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Custom made

Just as you dreamed
There is a possibility to plan your own drum and we are going to make your vision come true. You can decide about all details; size, style, color, paint. The price will depend on the complexity of the work. For your personalized price please get in contact with us.

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