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Our Philosophy

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Origin of Stag skin and wood
Yes, it is a very important question..where the material supply(skins and wood) is coming from?
We love and respect nature and all beings of creation. To protect, save, take care of, and love nature, the animals, and mother earth are very important for us. We believe, that Mother Earth is a living being, and we should be more conscious to save it for the next generation.
Humanity already exploits the energy resources of the planet, because they are not conscious enough to protect the environment, we use too much plastic, cut out the rainforests, use animals, waste drinking water and pollute the air..even if we know, that this is the foundation of the life on Earth.
We decided to take action and changed our lives, to leave the smallest possible biological footprint. (We moved to the countryside, started to grow our bio vegetables and fruits, and have few chickens who give us an egg. We try to thrive with the planetary resources in the most clever way; we only use that necessary. )

So yes, we do care about the wood, that we use, just like the animal, that will continue living in your drum.
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About animal skins;
The skins are coming from a clean source. We like to know the source of the hides that we use. So the hides came from a family animal farm, or wild animal farm, or from wild animals that lived in the forest. We are tracking the way of the skin so we can be sure, that the animal has not suffered.
The animals never hunted or died because of their hide.
The main point that the animal lived a happy life, not suffered, treated with love and respect. The preparation is in professional hands, an old craft man who is making the skins for us from the raw material. We think, that the most respectful thing, is to use all parts of the animal. The meat, the bone, the skin, the horn..every part so the spirit of the animal can live longer in our creations.
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About drum beaters;
The drumsticks are made from wood, which is not useful for nature means dead wood or recycled wood. It means we do not cut trees to make drum-frames or mallets. We collect the wood supply in the local forests, with special care. Our philosophy is to protect the trees, and the wood's, they are our oxygen source, so we choose them with special care, only take what is necessary.
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About packing and shipping;
For sending your drum, we only use recycled material for the packing, like recycled cardboard, to protect the trees and the environment.
This is our philosophy (in a short version). We would love to spread that concept views. People should feel the part of the creation, feel themselves one with the planet, one with all living they can be more emphatic, and they can respect more what they have, everything around us, to save the planet for posterity.

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